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10 Things I Want in a Teammate (or 10 Things My Teammates Want of Me)

When players join a team, they often get instructions from a coach about what is expected of them, but, players rarely get a similar set of instructions from their teammates. However, learning what is expected from teammates can be a fairly simple process. All players need to do is list what they want from their teammates and then work to give those things first. Here is a common wish list for teammates:

  1. Talks to me - Someone who is in a good mood and goes out of the way to say hello and talk to me.
  2. Helps me - Someone who practices and learns about the game and then helps me learn too.
  3. Gives me a chance - Someone who shares the play with me by passing.
  4. Encourages me - Someone who always tells me to keep trying when something I do isn't working out.
  5. Congratulates me - Someone who is the first person to congratulate me when I do something right.
  6. Sticks up for me - Someone who I can count on when I'm challenged by someone on the other team.
  7. Shows confidence - Someone who is positive about our abilities to win contests.
  8. Never quits - Someone who always plays hard no matter the score.
  9. Never pouts - Someone who is always upbeat even if something doesn't go the right way.
  10. Never boasts - Someone who thanks other players for their help after making a score.
Being a good teammate takes work and thought. Players who make the effort will see the reward long past their time on the team.

Thursday, 25 September 2003